Teen Wolf: 10 Best Stiles And Lydia Quotes, Ranked

Teen Wolf: 10 Best Stiles And Lydia Quotes, Ranked
There were plenty of couples in Teen Wolf, but Stiles and Lydia easily became the fan-favorite. Stiles had a crush on Lydia since the third grade, but she never paid him any attention. Their relationship evolves past Stiles' school-boy crush and the two both mature and become best friends.

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While Stiles also had Scott and Lydia had Allison, there was always something different about Stiles and Lydia's friendship. Stiles began to fall for the girl Lydia had become, rather than an idolized version of her, and Lydia began to see Stiles in an entirely new light. Their journey might have been long, but there were plenty of great Stydia quotes along the way.
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