Is ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ About to Collide With ‘World Beyond’?

Is ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ About to Collide With ‘World Beyond’?
(This article contains spoilers for the season 6 finale of “Fear the Walking Dead.”)

Now that is follow-through.

I’m not sure many people expected actually expected much of anything would happen with the nuke when we learned that Teddy’s doomsday cult wanted to blow everybody on “Fear the Walking Dead” up. Obviously, it’s a pretty exciting threat to have to deal with, but come on. Did you really think a nuke would go off on this show?

Regardless of our expectations, they did it. They really did it. And I think I can speak for most viewers when I say I’m extremely curious about what’s gonna happen now that Isabelle, Al’s girlfriend from the Civic Republic — those are the baddies from “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” — is apparently now taking an active role in events on “Fear.”

Fear” has been dropping nods to the Civic
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