‘Ultrasound’ Review: A Frustrating Sci-Fi Puzzle-Box Thriller

‘Ultrasound’ Review: A Frustrating Sci-Fi Puzzle-Box Thriller
There’s a limit to how long a movie can mess with viewers’ minds, and “Ultrasound” eventually crosses that threshold. A thriller whose discomforting early going provides few clues to the head-spinning madness lying in wait, director Rob Schroeder’s feature debut channels a host of acclaimed masters while attempting to craft a uniquely beguiling dreamscape in which nothing is as it appears. , although the reward for such perseverance isn’t enough to make up for its prior, aggravating puzzle-box obliqueness.

Heading home in the rain from a wedding, Glen (Vincent Kartheiser) drives over a plank of nails and has to seek help at a nearby house. There, he’s welcomed in by Art (Bob Stephenson), who after a bit of friendly chitchat, cajoles Glen into sleeping with his younger wife Cyndi (Chelsea Lopez). Glen’s unease over this arrangement is significant, and it only escalates when, a short time afterwards,
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