Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham "Break the Internet" With Surprise Vampire Diaries Reunion

Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham
One fang-tastic reunion!  Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham delighted Vampire Diaries fans with their surprise hang out on Sunday, June 13. Taking to Instagram Stories, the 32-year-old Canadian actress teased that she was in the mood to have a little fun. "Surprise Sunday Funday," Nina captioned her video. The CW star then began to explain her weekend plans, sharing in a short clip, "So I was sitting here on a Sunday, just chilling, and I thought to myself, 'Can I break the internet?'" "And then I thought, 'Yes, I think I can break the internet,'" she continued, before revealing that Kat was sitting beside her the whole time....
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