Every Major Movie Role Dame Judi Dench Turned Down

Every Major Movie Role Dame Judi Dench Turned Down
A beloved and prolific figure, Dame Judi Dench is notorious in the industry for accepting a wide array of roles. By her own admission, her agent reads the scripts first then gives her a quick overview of the ones she might be interested in. Fortunately for her fans, she is interested in most. With that being said, perhaps she wishes she hadn't accepted every role.

In fact, she has said that the only role she won't play is a variation of herself. When asked specifically what she would not play, Dench said, "Probably an 86-year-old woman who's not able to see."

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Going back over this industry titan's career, her analysis is correct. However, there are films out there that were not—or were almost not—graced by the presence of Dame Judi Dench.
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