Who Wore It Better? Blair Waldorf vs Emily Cooper

Who Wore It Better? Blair Waldorf vs Emily Cooper
It's no secret — Emily Cooper, the Instagram influencer in Paris whom everybody loves to hate, shares sartorial taste with the Queen Bee of Gossip Girl herself. Gossip Girl as a show exists in the Emily In Paris universe, with Emily claiming how much she and her friends adored Serena Van der Woodsen and tried to imitate her expensive style. Funnily enough, her own outfits actually match Blair Waldorf's, with some of them being exactly the same as her signature looks!

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While inconsistent Emily would be no match for hyper-intelligent Blair Waldorf in a battle of wits, she does stand a fair chance in the wardrobe department. It is also worth noting that Eric Daman costume designed for Gg, while Patricia Field of Sex And The City fame designed for the newer Emily In Paris.
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