Intimacy Exploited: Magnus von Horn's "Sweat"

Intimacy Exploited: Magnus von Horn's
Magnus von Horn's Sweat is showing at the Quad Cinema in New York City starting June 18, 2021 and will expand on June 25, 2021.In an early scene in Magnus von Horn’s sophomore feature Sweat, fitness instructor and internet personality Sylwia runs into a woman at the mall. It’s not immediately clear whether Sylwia really knows her or not, a blank stare slowly morphing into a friendly smile for the person who has interrupted her day. Is this a follower eager to meet their idol, or an old friend? The line is blurred for both protagonist and audience. When the woman breaks down in front of her, expressing her deepest personal sorrows, it reveals something more insidious about the influencer-to-follower relationship than just Sylwia’s indiscernible connection. Why does this woman reveal herself so dramatically to someone who barely recognizes her?Fed by a new kind of social media culture
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