‘Road Head’ Review

‘Road Head’ Review
Stars: Clayton Farris, Damian Joseph Quinn, Elizabeth Grullon, Adam Nemet, Paul T. Taylor, Misty Bones, Clay Acker | Written by Justin Xavier | Directed by David Del Rio

Director David Del Rio and writer Justin Xavier, the duo who gave us the twisted Christmas story Sick for Toys, are back with Road Head, a bizarre, raunchy, and occasionally bloody, horror comedy with a distinct LGBTQ+ element. Can this tale of a road trip from hell bring you satisfaction? Or is this one time you should actually decline road head?

Bryan (Clayton Farris; Foster Boy) and his boyfriend Alex just wanted to go on a road trip to Isola Lake out in the desert. Unfortunately Bryan’s bestie Stephanie (Elizabeth Grullon; Killing Lazarus) got dumped by her boyfriend and decides to play third wheel despite the fact she and Alex don’t get along.

To make matters worse the lake turns out to be dried out.
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