10 Best Movies Starring NBA Players

10 Best Movies Starring NBA Players
Seeing as they both operate in similar spaces, film and professional sports have had an interesting track record. While the transition between both doesn't always work, many of the biggest movie stars of today started off as professional athletes, such as The Rock, John Cena, and Terry Crews.

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One of the most popular sports leagues around the world, many NBA players have also found success on the silver screen, be that through thought-provoking dramas or iconic comedies. With Space Jam: A New Legacy about to fill movie theater seats, there are more than a few notable movies starring NBA players.

Based on the viral Pepsi ads, starring Kyrie Irving as the eponymous character, Uncle Drew told the story of a legendary player getting his old team back together again to face off against a new basketball talent, played by Nuggets forward Aaron Gordon.
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