Laurence Fishburne Denies The Matrix 4 Involvement Again

Laurence Fishburne Denies The Matrix 4 Involvement Again
While we are excited to see Laurence Fishburne teaming up with Keanu Reeves again for John Wick 4, the actor has categorically denied that he will be appearing alongside The One in The Matrix 4. In another world, before the arrival of the pandemic, both fourth installments of their respective franchises were meant to arrive in theaters on the same day in May. However, The Matrix 4 is now not going to be released until December, and fans have an even longer wait until next year for John Wick 4. Although he has denied appearing in the Matrix sequel previously, he needed to reiterate the fact again in a new interview just for those who either missed it or just refuse to believe it.

Talking in an interview with Jake Hamilton, the actor who formerly played Morpheus in the franchise was asked again about the upcoming sequel, and simply replied, "I'm not involved,
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