Salem's Lot Wants Jake Gyllenhaal in the Lead?

Salem's Lot Wants Jake Gyllenhaal in the Lead?
According to new reports, Spider Man: Far From Home star Jake Gyllenhaal is set to appear in the latest remake of Stephen King's Salem's Lot. King's works have seen a recent surge, including the highly praised It, the reworking of The Stand, a newly announced reboot of Christine and Lisey's Story currently streaming on AppleTV+. There have been more than 50 adaptations of King's work of which Salem's Lot has already seen a TV movie and TV mini-series produced. With some notable exceptions, such as The Dark Tower, King's recent work on screen has been not only prolific but profitable, and Salem's Lot is likely to be another hit for the master of horror.

In 2019, New Line Cinema announced that they were preparing to adapt the second novel from Stephen King, which was originally released in 1975. With James Wan said to be producing, along with Gary Dauberman, who also will
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