From ‘Ratched’ to ‘Halston’: One Editor’s Literal Double Take

From ‘Ratched’ to ‘Halston’: One Editor’s Literal Double Take
The practice of creating origin stories for well-known characters that are not the leading role in a narrative is reaching a fever pitch these days, but “Ratched” — Netflix’s 2020 series starring Sarah Paulson (above) as the younger, more stylish version of “One Flew the Cuckoo’s Nest” harridan nurse – might have kickstarted the craze given how much you could wring from such a scrupulous character.

“My biggest challenge was we had so much rich material”, said series editor Shelly Westerman, who was responsible for five episodes of the first season (a second one is in the works), “jaw- dropping dailies that you would call out your co-workers screaming ‘you’ve gotta see this’ — the acting, hair, makeup, costumes, cinematography, everything was just amazing. The hardest part was cutting it, especially since we had a nearly 90-minute pilot, I just loved it.”


And if that wasn’t enough of a challenge,
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