Reno 911!: 10 Best Episodes, According To IMDb

Reno 911!: 10 Best Episodes, According To IMDb
Before the boundless success of The Office, there was another workplace mockumentary sitcom on Comedy Central that regularly featured dozens of rising star comedians and actors along with a hysterical main cast. Reno 911! began as a satirization of the show Cops, premiering in 2003.

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Reno 911! has everything an audience would want in a mockumentary, including improvised lines, minimal scripting, and a talented cast who effortlessly bounce jokes off of each other. Reno 911! also doesn't back down from satirizing law enforcement and the distinct concepts that come with it. With a loyal fanbase who have pushed for the series revival since 2009, it's understandable that many episodes would score high with critics.
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