MCU: 10 Low-Key Villains Who Were Overlooked

MCU: 10 Low-Key Villains Who Were Overlooked
Along with the iconic superheroes that fans love to cheer for, the MCU has delivered some great villains they love to hate. While Loki was one of the few standouts in the early days of the MCU, more interesting villains like John Walker, Killmonger, and, of course, Thanos have proved Marvel can deliver great bad guys as well.

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When it comes to the villains, most of the attention is paid to the big names who threaten the world and face off with the Avengers. However, there are some notable under-the-radar villains who largely go unnoticed. These baddies don't step into the spotlight and some might not even look at them as villains, but they have also done their share of evil deeds.
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