Batman '89 Comic Reveals Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face

Batman '89 Comic Reveals Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face
A look at the Billy Dee Williams incarnation of Two-Face that we never got the chance to see in Tim Burton's Batman movies has been revealed as part of the Batman '89 comic book series. Serving as a continuation of Batman and Batman Returns, the Batman '89 comic delves into new storylines set in the same universe. Because Batman Forever took the franchise into another direction following Burton's exit from the director's chair, the comic book storyline essentially serves as Batman 3.

Samuel Hamm, who wrote the original Batman screenplay and helped craft the story for Batman Returns, penned the comic book storyline. Artist Joe Quinones provides the artwork, which is heavily inspired by the aesthetic of Burton's Batman movies. The second issue is set to go on sale in September, but on Twitter, Quinones went ahead and shared the cover. It reveals that Harvey Dent, who was played by Billy Dee Williams in Batman,
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