The Filmmaker’s House review – a microcosm of British society pops round for tea

London-based documentarian Marc Isaacs films the interactions of his builder, cleaner and neighbours in a playful work that is just a little too at home with manipulation

“I’m not bloody interested in serial killers, Rachel; I’m interested in ordinary human beings,” sighs veteran documentary-maker Marc Isaacs on a Skype call to his producer, who tells him programmers are only interested in sensationalist themes nowadays. Isaacs sticks to his guns. As the title implies, this inventive but flawed effort barely leaves his London terrace home. What’s less obvious, at least initially, is whether it is documentary or fiction. The eventual answer is a bit of both. Having chronicled so many aspects of Britishness in his documentary career, Isaacs contrives a sort of microcosmic state of our multicultural nation here: a gentle clash of cultural attitudes and boundaries.

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