Clarice Episode 13 Review: Family is Freedom

Clarice Episode 13 Review: Family is Freedom
This Clarice review contains spoilers.

Clarice Episode 13

Clarice, episode 13, “Family is Freedom,” only closes some of the cliffhangers “Father Time” ended on. We still don’t know whether Clarice Starling (Rebecca Breeds) will be reinstated into the ViCAP team, and we never find out what happened to young Clarice when her Sheriff father left her at the mercy of some pissed off criminals.

The last image we saw of that encounter, when Clarice ran it through her repressed memory bank, was a young Clarice with a gun held to her head as her father hangs his head in shame in the distance. The men who said they were cheated, and called Clarice’s dad a criminal and a coward, warned him he couldn’t hide behind his little girl. We never learn how that scenario plays out. How does she live through that incident to become the wild card federal cop she is today?
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