‘Out of Death’ Review

‘Out of Death’ Review
Stars: Jaime King, Bruce Willis, Lala Kent, Kelly Greyson, Tyler Jon Olson, Michael Sirow, Oliver Trevena | Written by Bill Lawrence | Directed by Mike Burns

Out of Death is the latest Emmett/Furla production, a company who seem to be following the Pm Entertainment model of churning out action movie after action movie, with actors who are either long-term mid-carders or, like Willis, are in the twilight of their career. I’m not complaining. There was, for quite some time, a distinct lack of mid-budget original action movie fare made in the US. Of course there are the many Dtv franchises that Universal 1440 put out: Behind Enemy Lines, The Marine, Death Race, Sniper, etc. but not much by way of original storytelling. Emmett/Furla obviously saw the same gap in the market are thankfully filling that hole… With varying degrees of success may I add. But they’re still filling a
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