Film Review: Get the Hell Out (2020) by I-fan Wang

Film Review: Get the Hell Out (2020) by I-fan Wang
The feature debut by Taiwanese director I-fan Wang tells a story whose sociopolitical commentary becomes obvious right from the very first image. “If you choose the wrong movie, you only have to wait 90 minutes; if you choose the wrong legislator, you have to wait four years” is the opening text to “Get the Hell Out”, a wild mixture of horror film and comedy, which is now screening at genre festivals such as Fantasy Filmfest 2020. Similar to his previous short features like “Temple of the Devilbuster” I-fan Wang inserts a portrayal of his home country’s politics and society, this time within a satirical context, highlighting the phrase that in the end matters becomes so bad, you need to “get the hell out”.

“Get the Hell Out” is screening at Chinese Visual Festival

Yu-wei (Bruce Hung) has been working as a guard at the Taiwanese Parliament for many years, but recently,
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