How Marvel’s New TV Model Worked on Loki

How Marvel’s New TV Model Worked on Loki
This Loki article contains some spoilers.

We talk a lot about how the line between what constitutes a TV show and what constitutes a movie has become increasingly blurred in this era of fractured entertainment and diverse distribution models. While the last decade has seen TV shows incorporating more cinematic elements into their production structure, the traditional TV showrunner model has mostly stayed fixed, representing a major difference in how TV is made versus how film is made.

For those who don’t know, a showrunner is the lead executive producer of a series, which means they have both creative and managerial control of a TV series’ production. Because of this, TV is known as a writer’s medium, while film is known as a director’s medium. In the Disney+ era, Marvel Studios is eschewing the showrunner model for something much more cinematically minded. In this Marvel TV model,
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