Star Wars: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Finn (According To Reddit)

Star Wars: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Finn (According To Reddit)
After beginning the Sequel Trilogy as one of its three major protagonists, the stormtrooper formerly known as Fn-2187 began to experience a meandering narrative, which frustrated fans and gave rise to a swathe of detractors. Finn as a character seemed to either be destined for greatness or mediocrity, always on the cusp of interesting character development as a First Order defector who became a symbol of the Resistance.

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Redditors didn't waste any time debating the finer points of Finn's narrative, from his character arc (or lack thereof) to the burgeoning social media presence of actor John Boyega who, like them was often dissatisfied with Finn's position in the Skywalker saga. From being seen as a "Han or Luke knockoff" to the preferred protagonist of the Disney Star Wars movies, the unpopular opinions about Finn are as wide
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