13 Greatest Horror Sequels Ever Made

13 Greatest Horror Sequels Ever Made
The horror genre continues to be a big draw for movies goers world wide and a successful franchise can mean big bucks for a studio. Candyman, Halloween, The Purge and Resident Evil are just some of the well known horror franchises set to release new instalments over the next 12 months. Unfortunately, and probably more so than any other genre, studios have often focused on quantity over quality and rushed sequels and freeboots to market without paying any mind to script quality. For every Aliens and Evil Dead 2 there are 10 Leprechaun in the Hood and Jaws: The Revenge. To save yourself from being consumed by the hundreds of these unwatchable 'movies' lurking out there in the darkness, we've put together the list below to allow you to explore 13 of the very best horror sequels there are offered.

Evil Dead 2

In 1981, Sam Raimi stunned the world of horror by creating the ultra shocking,
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