Labyrinth Mini Epics Figures Unveiled by Weta Workshop

Labyrinth Mini Epics Figures Unveiled by Weta Workshop
For any lover of 80s based movie figures, Weta Workshop have been knocking it out of the park with the Mini Epics collection. Having incorporated Ghostbusters, Aliens, Predator and Gremlins, as well as a huge non-80s Lord of The Rings Collection, this year's San Diego Comic-Con@Home saw the unveiling of their next franchise to get the treatment and it is a true 80s classic for kids of the era; Labyrinth.

The line of Labyrinth Mini-epics has worked with some amazing artists, a lot of which have links to the original movies, to create some brilliant interpretations of characters such as Ellen Ripley, Peter Venkman, and mogwai Gizmo to life in a whole new way, and now three of the main Labyrinth characters are joining the fold. The set comprises of Goblin King Jareth, protagonist Sarah and monstrous but lovable Ludo as can be seen in Weta's tweet below.
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