DC Icons: "Black Canary"

DC Icons:
Alexandra Monir's novel "Black Canary: Breaking Silence", now available, with a cover illustration by Jen Bartel, is part of Random House Books' "DC Icons" line:

"...'Dinah Lance' was seven years old when she overheard the impossible: the sound of a girl singing. It was something she was never meant to hear--not in her lifetime and not in 'Gotham City', taken over by the vicious, patriarchal 'Court of Owls'. The sinister organization rules Gotham City as a dictatorship and has stripped women of everything--their right to work, to make music, to learn and to be free.

"Now at seventeen, Dinah can't forget that haunting sound, and she's beginning to discover that her own voice is just as powerful. But singing is forbidden. Fighting to balance her father's desire to keep her safe, a blossoming romance with mysterious new student 'Oliver Queen' (the future 'Green Arrow') and her
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