That Shakespeare + Gods & Monsters conversation

That Shakespeare + Gods & Monsters conversation
We received word from readers that the Apple Podcast/iTunes service has suddenly gone glitchy with The Film Experience so we wanted to let you know that you can also listen on Stitcher or on Spotify if you haven't yet given the conversation a go. One more round of applause please for writer/director/showrunner Leslye Headland, actor Mitch Silpa, DJ Rob Campion (Cooler Than Ecto), writer Jenelle Riley (Variety), and animator/illustrator Dashiell Silva. 

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Conversation Index (74 minutes)

00:01 - Introduction of the Smackdown Panel and the 1998 Nominees

04:00 - Primary Colors. What works (Kathy Bates) and what doesn't, and how it plays in today's much different political climate.

15:41 - A detour to the 2020 Oscar race and "Da Butt"

17:00 - Hilary and Jackie's odd structure, sadness porn, and tortured artists

28:30 - A detour to The English Patient (1996) and the Weinstein/Miramax industrial
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