The First Group of Women Graduates from the Guerlain X Unesco "Women for Bees" Program Joined by Angelina Jolie

The First Group of Women Graduates from the Guerlain X Unesco
The women in the first cohort of the “Women for Bees” entrepreneurial beekeeping programme began their training at the Ofa (French Observatory of Apidology) in the Sainte-Baume hills of Provence on June 21.

Angelina Jolie Joins Guerlain Women For Bees

Credit/Copyright: Marie Rouge

This month-long training programme enabled participants to acquire the theoretical and practical beekeeping knowledge required to mount and manage a sustainable beekeeping operation. As new entrepreneurs, these women will become members of a worldwide community of women beekeepers, who along with their stocks of bees will strengthen local biodiversity and pass on their own knowledge.

On the final day of their programme, the graduates spent time discussing their work with Unhcr Special Envoy and Guerlain muse Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie has spent twenty years working on refugee and conservation issues and has witnessed first-hand the impact of environmental destruction on human security and on local communities. Her
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