Oscars 2022: Best Picture Predictions

Oscars 2022: Best Picture Predictions
With Cannes in the rearview, fall 2021 brings a feast as studios (finally!) unleash their best stuff for the big screen. But the new box office isn’t the old box office and with less time in theaters, movies won’t have the same cultural impact. Movies with big budgets and established stars should flourish in the multi-platform universe: Studios and streamers spend heavily on costly spectacles that may be available online day and date or shortly after release.

For discovery and specialty titles, they may find it harder to break through without longer theater play. More than ever, they will rely on festivals, media, and critics to play an enhanced role. When it comes to making it all the way to Best Picture — and there will be a guaranteed 10 of those this year — it’s all about creating a must-see event.

James Bond movies are often relegated to tech categories
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