Would you still watch ‘Survivor’ if Jeff Probst retired? [Poll]

Would you still watch ‘Survivor’ if Jeff Probst retired? [Poll]
Jeff Probst has been with “Survivor” since day one. The host/producer has appeared in all 596 episodes, he’s sat through every single tribal council and he’s narrated close to 1,000 challenges. But after 40 seasons and two decades on the air, how much more “Survivor” is in Probst’s future? If the four-time Emmy winner decides to retire one day, would you keep watching CBS’s reality TV show? Or would you hang up your proverbial fan torch? How about if he’s replaced by a former “Survivor” castaway — would that keep you glued to your television screen? Vote in our poll below.

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Not only is Probst a key figure on-screen, he’s also the show’s biggest cheerleader off-screen. Throughout the current Covid-induced hiatus, he has kept fans updated with what’s going on with the upcoming 41st season. “‘Survivor 41’ is like the
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