Howard The Duck

Howard The Duck
On this date, 35 years ago, the world was changed forever.

Howard The Duck, the first feature film to be adapted from a Marvel comic was unleashed upon the world on August 1st, 1986, leading to decades of beloved blockbusters that would —

Oh wait, just kidding. It took a few more decades, and some much better movies, until the MCU engulfed the industry.

One of the craziest non-blockbusters ever produced, Howard The Duck was optioned and developed with mega-franchise aspirations. Howard The Duck is a film so uncomfortably weird that, even now, it must be seen to be believed, though I’ll do my best to discuss its relative non-charms here.

Written, directed and produced by the creative team behind the much-better American Graffiti (1974), Howard The Duck landed with a thud at the domestic box office in the summer of 1986. Critics weren’t much kinder. The film currently sits at a 14% “Tomatometer
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