Ashton Kutcher Trolls Mila Kunis As Payback For "Hazing" Him Over His French Accent

Ashton Kutcher Trolls Mila Kunis As Payback For
Ashton Kutcher definitely has that je ne sais quoi. We can't quite put our finger on it, but something seemed off with his ridiculously over-the-top French accent in his latest Instagram video. Mila Kunis certainly agreed. Ashton tasked his That '70s Show co-star (and wife) with filming a recent promo video for their charity wine brand, and things turned ugly when they began teasing each other on camera. It's safe to say Mila proved to be the ultimate stage mom in their light-hearted war of words.  The hilarious video began with Ashton appearing in a patterned sweater by an outdoor fireplace in the woods, with Mila offscreen behind the camera. He took on a...
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