Snyderverse: 10 Best Comics References

Snyderverse: 10 Best Comics References
Content Warning: This article contains references to violence and terrorism.

While the individual stories of Zack Snyder's three DC films are original narratives, they are tremendously reverent in how they take inspiration from the comics to service those narratives. At Comic-Con International 2012, Snyder even called Man of Steel a "mashing" of stories from the comics, seamlessly merged into a single story.

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These nods to the source material range from subtle hints, like a familiar sign in the background of a fight scene, to entire plot points and visual motifs. These references extend to dialogue, taking inspiration from some brilliant lines to sell the themes of Snyder's movies while staying true to the diverse spirit of the comics. Some of the best Snyderverse moments are also references too.
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