Nicole Kidman: "Nine Perfect Strangers"

Nicole Kidman:
Take a look at Oscar winner Nicole Kidman, star of the  8-part dramatic mini-series, "Nine Perfect Strangers", posing for the latest issue of "You (UK) magazine:

"...nine Australians from different walks of life attend a pricey 10-day 'Mind and Body Total Transformation Retreat'...

" a place called the 'Tranquillum House' run by a mysterious Russian woman named 'Masha' (Kidman)..." 

Cast also includes Melissa McCarthy as 'Frances Welty', Luke Evans as 'Lars Lee', Melvin Gregg as 'Ben Chandler', Samara Weaving as 'Jessica Chandler', Michael Shannon as 'Napoleon Marconi'...

...Asher Keddie as 'Heather Marconi', Grace Van Patten as 'Zoe Marconi', Manny Jacinto as 'Yao', Tiffany Boone as 'Delilah', Regina Hall as 'Carmel Schneider' and Bobby Cannavale as 'Tony Hogburn'.  

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