Frank Grillo Slams ‘Copshop’ for Editing His ‘Colorful’ Performance

Frank Grillo Slams ‘Copshop’ for Editing His ‘Colorful’ Performance
Release the Joe Carnahan cut? According to action star Frank Grillo, post-production on the new action thriller “Copshop” (out now from Open Road Films) amounted in a “castrated” version of his performance, which is why it’s now being excoriated by critics, as he claims. Grillo, who stars opposite Gerard Butler, doesn’t blame his friend and director Carnahan, but instead argues that a third party is responsible for the end result. Grillo, who also recently starred in “Boss Level,” took to social media to air his grievances about the cut. (Via The Playlist.)

“Although I support all films me and my partner [Joe Carnahan] make, I’m not very pleased [with] how my performance was cut,” Grillo wrote about the final cut of “Copshop” as seen in theaters. “Without detail, I’ll say I gave a much more 3-dimensional take that was very colorful and very well planned out. Needless to say,
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