San Sebastian Review: Javier Bardem In ‘The Good Boss’

San Sebastian Review: Javier Bardem In ‘The Good Boss’
Long ago, Javier Bardem told me he could never play a romantic hero. “Look at this face!,” he said in what then was halting English. “This is the face of a bad boy!” Of course, he was so wrong: Bardem’s face turned out to be almost infinitely adaptable. In Fernando Leon de Aranoa’s The Good Boss (El Buen Patron), which he owns top to bottom, he has the habitual smile of a benign uncle, albeit the uncle one suspects of having a secret porn stash in the basement.

Julio Blanco (Bardem) feels like a father to his workers, he says silkily at a Friday farewell drink for a group of said workers he is gently retrenching, nursing a glass of wine as he smiles upon them. “Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions for the good of the family.”

Blanco inherited the company,
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