‘AHS’ Fans Are Not Pleased With the End of ‘Red Tide’

‘AHS’ Fans Are Not Pleased With the End of ‘Red Tide’
(This article contains spoilers for “American Horror Story: Double Feature” through the episode that aired Sept. 22)

The first five episodes of “AHS: Double Feature” were really, really great, and the fans couldn’t get enough. The season was shaping up to be maybe the best season of “AHS” ever, and certainly the best in a long time. But this week, the finale episode of “Red Tide” — the first half of the titular double feature — had a lot of folks changing their tune.

Before this week, “Double Feature” had been surprisingly serious and not really the insane camp-fests that the last few seasons had been. That shift toward a more serious tone paid off — even I, somebody who would have given up on this show a long time ago if I didn’t cover it for work, was having a great time with it.

The “Red Tide” finale episode, dubbed “Winter Kills,
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