Film Review: Occult Bolshevism (2018) by Hiroshi Takashashi

Film Review: Occult Bolshevism (2018) by Hiroshi Takashashi
Although the title seems rather strange, another extreme manifestation of Japanese imagination, it turns out the occult was an aspect of Bolshevism, represented by both Gleb Bokii, a paranormal investigator who became a leading member of the Cheka, the first Soviet secret police and extensively in literature, as Marina Aptekmna’s paper highlights. In this case however, and although the concept of the Great Terror seems to be an important aspect of the narrative, the combination also seems to be aiming at some sort of mockery. Let us take things from the beginning though.

Occult Bolshevism is screening at Inland Dimensions

A group of people are gathered in an abandoned factory, where an experiment about the supernatural is being conducted. The purpose of the experiment is not known to all, and particularly the latest arrivals, a young man named Ando and his fiance, Yukiko, seem to be almost completely out of the loop.
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