Amos Vogel's Myriad of Possibilities: "Film as a Subversive Art" in 2021

Amos Vogel's Myriad of Possibilities:
The Man from Onan (1971). Image from the 2021 edition of Film as a Subversive Art, courtesy of The Film DeskFilm programmer, critic, and educator, Amos Vogel was fueled by the conviction that cinema, more than just a mechanism for entertainment or vehicle of self-expression, presented a myriad of possibilities, amongst them the potential to educate, power to politicize and ability to subvert. It was a conviction that set him apart from many of his contemporaries who, viewing commercial iterations of cinema as products of the calculated and narcotic American culture industry, cast aspersions on its inherent value. Theodor Adorno, for example, notoriously excluded cinema from the field of Art with the logic that its aesthetic techniques were subordinate to its technological ones, proclaiming, “I love to go to the movies; the only thing that bothers me is the image on the screen.”Determined to counter the medium’s marginalization, Vogel founded
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