The Wheel of Time: Who Are the Aes Sedai?

The Wheel of Time: Who Are the Aes Sedai?
The Wheel of Time is difficult to define, but in simplified terms the story follows a cycle of history that repeats: one in which a hero called the Dragon is reborn into each turn of the wheel to defeat the Shadow. But the light the Dragon Reborn brings is earned through much hardship, and the only guiding force through this peace by the sword are the Aes Sedai, the women who harness elemental forces and use their magic to influence the pattern of the prophecy as it unfolds.

So while The Wheel of Time is not exactly about the Aes Sedai, the hero’s journey would be impossible without them. “In our world, they function very much like the Catholic Church might have in medieval Europe,” showrunner Rafe Judkins says. “They are not the presidents of countries or the queens of countries, but they are the people who sit at
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