Retro-Cast: Casting Squid Game In The 1980s

Retro-Cast: Casting Squid Game In The 1980s
The '80s was an era of excess in cinema and on television, a direct response to the grit and unpolished appearance of projects produced by Hollywood in the '70s. The interest in science fiction and genre productions as a whole remained, but a tug-of-war existed between big-budget blockbusters and other sorts of movies where actors could stretch their range. Squid Game, with its emphasis on interpersonal issues, social commentary, and horrific deaths, would have been populated by a variety of actors both established and up-and-coming.

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The '80s was also the era where comedians like Michael Keaton played Batman, and a chance was taken on a foul-mouthed comic like Eddie Murphy to lead a cop franchise. Squid Game would have been part of studio risk-taking, but the payoff would have been worth it at
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