At A Revisionist Movie Museum, History “Abridges” The Jews

At A Revisionist Movie Museum, History “Abridges” The Jews
“We are questioning a canon and creating a canon.”

Thus did Doris Berger, senior director of curatorial affairs at the Academy Museum, explain when asked by Sharon Rosen Leib of The Forward why Jews had what seemed to her a disconcertingly small place in this new shrine to the movies.

The exchange was reported in an October 14 piece entitled: “Jews built Hollywood. So why is their history erased from the Academy’s new museum?”

In truth, Jews and their work have an inevitable presence throughout the museum, though their contribution doesn’t get a tribute on the order of those afforded Haile Gerima, Hayao Miyazaki, Sophia Loren, Satyajit Ray or Jane Campion. Billy Wilder, Michael Curtiz, King Vidor, Howard Koch and other Jewish filmmakers certainly make appearances.

Moreover, the museum seems to promise something for almost everyone over time.

“The Academy Museum is deeply committed to presenting a holistic and
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