‘Lovesick’ Is Still a TV Rom-Com Gold Standard

‘Lovesick’ Is Still a TV Rom-Com Gold Standard
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Where to Watch ‘Lovesick’: Netflix (after its first season originally aired on Channel 4 in the UK)

One of the most satisfying feelings from a TV rewatch is realizing how much of what makes a show great is right there at the start. While the show that became “Lovesick” definitely evolved over its three seasons, the first episode carries a lot of its effortless charm.

Up top, there’s the deceptively simple premise: After finding out he has an Sti, Dylan (Johnny Flynn) now faces the prospect of reaching out to all the women he’s slept with. Each episode uses one of Dylan’s past encounters (whether circumstantial one-night stands or the source of more long-term heartbreak) as a way to show his shared adventures with best mates Evie (Antonia Thomas) and Luke (Daniel Ings).

So that “Lovesick” opening, which centers on
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