The Death of the Editor: Wes Anderson's "The French Dispatch"

The Death of the Editor: Wes Anderson's
There is a moment, deep within the maze of Wes Anderson’s latest film, when art takes on the power to set a prisoner free. We are in France, in the time of de Gaulle (or someone like him). At the police station in the town of Ennui-sur-Blasé, Roebuck Wright (Jeffrey Wright) has been in a holding cell called the Chicken Coop for some days. An anonymous American, still in the eveningwear from the clandestine gay bar where he was picked up, his only contact is a number on the polite rejection letter from an American magazine that publishes there.When he arrives at the Chicken Coop, Arthur Howitzer Jr. (Bill Murray) does not inquire into the reasons behind Roebuck’s imprisonment. Instead, he assigns him a book review, to be written in the hours remaining in his cell. Roebuck’s release is a formality, albeit a complicated one, expensed
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