Dave Chappelle’s Intent Doesn’t Matter, Jon Stewart

Dave Chappelle’s Intent Doesn’t Matter, Jon Stewart
Nearly three weeks after its October 5 debut on Netflix, Dave Chappelle’s stand-up special “The Closer” remains embroiled in controversy. Last week saw the promised walkout of trans Netflix employees and allies in protest of their employer’s defense of Chappelle and his increasingly trademark transphobia, as well as comments from Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos in which he expressed regret regarding how the company had handled employee concerns about “The Closer” while continuing to defend the choice to proceed with the special.

“When we think about this challenge — we have to entertain the world — part of that challenge means that you’ve got audiences with various taste, various sensibilities, various beliefs,” Sarandos said. “You really can’t please everybody or the content would be pretty dull. And we do tell our employees upfront that we are trying to entertain our members, and that some of the content on Netflix you’re not going to like,
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