Film Review: Wife of a Spy (2020) by Kiyoshi Kurosawa

Film Review: Wife of a Spy (2020) by Kiyoshi Kurosawa
This review was largely shaped by a discussion with Goh Ming Siu and Earl Jackson regarding the film.

Winner of the Silver Lion for Best Director at this year’s Venice International Film Festival, “Wife of a Spy” is actually a TV-movie produced by and for Nhk, which was screened in theaters, however, with a different aspect ratio and color grading. This review is based on the TV version.

Wife of a Spy” is screening at Five Flavours Asian Film Festival

The script is set in 1940, after Japan had invaded China and joined Germany and Italy as a member of the Axis. Up to this point, successful silk merchant Yusaku Fukuhara has been a man who seemed to have it all: a successful business, the respect of both employees, collaborators and friends, and a trophy wife in the face of beautiful and equally popular Satoko, who has just finished acting
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