Laida Lertxundi Introduces Her Film "Autofiction"

Laida Lertxundi Introduces Her Film
Laida Lertxundi's Autofiction is showing exclusively on Mubi starting November 22, 2021 in most countries in the series Brief Encounters, as well as part of the series Landscape Plus: The Films of Laida Lertxundi.That Seasoni was folded like a pollo desplumado (featherless chicken) recovering from a shocking and unintelligible birthing experience. I got a phone call asking if I’d like to come to New Zealand to be an artist-in-residence at the University of Auckland and work on a film, all expenses paid. Yes was my resounding answer.I was living in Los Angeles. After many years as a single artist, teaching part-time with the freedom to make my work, a new reality was now setting in. It was the Trump era. Medical aid, already meager under Obamacare, was eroding. Rent prices were now New York prices, and it was impossible to afford renting a studio in addition to a home.
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