Hawkeye: TV Review

Hawkeye: TV Review
This review covers the first two episodes of Hawkeye, which are available on Disney + right now.

Grief has been a huge post-Endgame motivator for Marvel’s surviving characters. It compels Wanda Maximoff to imprison a town in a false reality. It drives Bucky Barnes to right wrongs he committed while under Hydra’s control. It creates an opportunity for Loki to examine the worst parts of himself. Now, with Hawkeye, it’s forcing Clint Barton to reconcile with his time as the vengeful Ronin.

Here we get a Barton who wants little to do with the Hawkeye mantle. He’s celebrating the holidays with his kids, attending Avengers-inspired Broadway musicals, and pushing away his many traumas. The pathologically private Avenger is miffed at younger archer Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) for disrupting his family time, but he realizes that the suit’s resurfacing is bringing old enemies out of the woodwork.
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