‘Hulk #1’ Review

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‘Hulk #1’ Review
Written by Donny Cates | Art by Ryan Ottley | Published by Marvel Comics

Bad news is, no more Immortal Hulk. That book was consistently at the top of my must read list. It took a very familiar mythology, twisted it around a little, and made it seem new and fresh. The good news is, Donny Cates has promised to do the same thing, and has been given a brand new first issue to emphasise this is his book. I believe him, as the Hulk is a character more than any other who has always been much more than just another superhero book. The Hulk has been both anti-hero and villain, Bruce Banner has been both hero and victim. Hulk has been both smart and savage, Banner both top tier intellect and mentally ill down and out. One thing Banner has never been is a bad guy. Is he just good by nature,
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