‘The White Lotus’: Creating a Hawaii No One Should Visit

‘The White Lotus’: Creating a Hawaii No One Should Visit
Curated by the IndieWire Crafts team, Craft Considerations is a platform for filmmakers to talk about recent work we believe is worthy of awards consideration. In partnership with HBO, for this edition we look at how cinematographer Ben Kutchins, composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer, and casting director Meredith Tucker created a darker, more complex vision of Hawaii for the guests and staff at “The White Lotus.”

Writer/director Mike White is hardly the first television showrunner to create a whodunit where any character could be either the killer or their prey, but his choice of setting provided the limited series with both its biggest draw and greatest challenge. Hawaii is, we are constantly told, a bright, relaxing tropical paradise.

To make the White Lotus feel like a luxury resort where a terrible fate lurks just around the corner required the limited series’ filmmakers to craft a palpable undertow of doubt,
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