‘Elves’ Is Netflix’s Twisted Start to the Christmas Season

‘Elves’ Is Netflix’s Twisted Start to the Christmas Season
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Where to Watch “Elves”: Netlix

There’s probably never a world where “Elves” wasn’t going to use a moody cover of a Christmas song over its opening credits. Sure enough, within a few minutes of the show starting, there’s a version of “Carol of the Bells” that’s even more ominous than its natural, Hallmark Channel resting state.

Embedded within the idea of calling a show “Elves” is a sly smile. “You thought you were clicking on a cute holiday rom-com with a Disney Channel alum,” it’s saying to any Netflix user giving the show a spin. If those credits didn’t clinch the idea that this is decidedly not the case, the ritualistic sacrifice of a cow that comes right before it is a big hint.

Instead, “Elves” follows the not-so-cozy holiday of a family looking for a Christmas
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