‘Ayelen,’ ’Journey,’ ‘Berg’s Books,’ ‘Upiro’ Win Big at Ventana Sur

‘Ayelen,’ ’Journey,’ ‘Berg’s Books,’ ‘Upiro’ Win Big at Ventana Sur
Argentina’s “Ayelén and the Forest Shadow,” Uruguay’s “The Eagle Heist,” Mexico’s “Journey to the Land of the Tarahumara,” Brazil’s “Berg’s Books”and Spain’s “Upiro” proved top winners at a Ventana Sur prize ceremony which in its very form stressed just how much the biggest film-tv market in Latin America has expanded.

Prior to the pandemic, prize winners were allowed acceptance speeches. This year, with more awards than ever to doll out, recipients just got to pose for a photo. Prizes – mostly in kind from service companies or invitations to festivals, markets and other awards ceremonies – ranged widely. Some winners and awards stood out, however.

There was large curiosity, for instance, to see which series would receive the first ever Netflix Award at Ventana Sur, an Incentive for Argentine Women Creators. The cash endowment for further development went to “Ayelén and the Forest Shadow.” A
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